Diamondcode Mission




Our mission is to support companies in the areas of Fraud, Revenue Assurance, as well as Analytics and Business Intelligence. We supply effective, cutting edge and scalable solutions. Our innovative services and solutions are tailored to individual clients’ practical and commercial needs from the outset. We always proactively respond to changing requirements of our Clients. The individual approach, flexibility and extensive experience guarantee that our solutions are perfectly suited to the diverse nature of our Clients.


SIM Box - Interconnect Bypass Fraud prevention and detection


Diamondcode offer complex anti SIM Box strategy. Diamondcode fight the Interconnect Bypass Fraud by means of comprehensive innovative and error-free SIM Box detection methodology. The results of test calls are delivered to our Clients on-line and on a real time basis. Our sophisticated test call application and cutting-edge solutions designed to fight the SIM Box fraud scenario have proved extremely effective. Thanks to our client-tailored counter-SIM Box solutions, our Clients significantly reduce their revenue losses caused by Interconnect Bypass Fraud. Diamondcode offer free consultations and tests to our prospective Clients to prove the effectiveness of our anti-SIM box solutions. Among our clients is Orange Polska (formerly Telekomunikacja Polska SA) - the largest telecommunication company in Poland.


Analytical solutions




Diamondcode deliver cutting-edge Analytical, Statistical and Business Intelligence services and solutions. We offer innovative and know-how based scoring models classifying our Clients' customers into homogeneous groups as well as fraud detection and prevention analytical solutions. Statistical and Business Intelligence solutions offered by Diamondcode are helpful in detection and prevention of a whole range of telecommunication fraud types. As an example, Diamondcode offer statistical and knowledge-based solutions aimed at detecting irregular behavioural patterns of SIM box operators (including analysis of MSRNs or TAP matching). These solutions provide an excellent complement to our SIM Box detection IT tool based on test call attempts, ultimately constituting an effective comprehensive anti Interconnect Bypass Fraud program.






We provide a broad range of Fraud and Revenue Assurance consulting services. Based on our extensive experience we offer such anti-fraud and revenue assurance consultancy services as, among others, identification of potential fraud risks and designing mitigating controls, identification of actual fraud cases, revenue leakage detection and mitigation, designing fraud and revenue assurance road maps and methodologies as well as assessment of our Clients’ existing revenue assurance systems.